Choc Krispie Cake
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Once all of the crispy puffs of rice (copyright reasons) had been coated and more added until I was satisfied that there was enough, I attempted to pour the mixture into the bread tin. However, before I even managed to get it near the bread tin, I found that the hot bowl caused me much pain, so I asked my sister for help yet again... And we spilled some...

After approximately 1 hour, I went to check my useless attempt at a pimp to see if it had set. However, it was still soft and so I decided to put it into the freezer for another hour... Once I had found room anyway...

After only 45 minutes, I went to check it again and it had set! WHOOPEE!! Ahem... Well, almost a celebration... Removing it from the tin seemed to be one hell of a sod! So, I got myself a table knife and, after some crafty handy work and a few smacks on the sideboard (something else for my mum to whinge about) it freed it's grip on the bread tin. By this time, however, my sister and her unborn child had gone upstairs for a nap and so it was up to me to sample it.

This is the finished product...

And this is a cross-section (both pointless, and fuzzy... think I moved just as I pressed the shutter...)

The taste? Amazingly satisfying, though it started melting as soon as I touched it so, rather cleverly I think, I used kitchen roll to pick it up. Yes, it's a rubbish attempt, but for my first effort, I'm rather delighted I managed to not burn the chocolate!

Oh, and about the size... It's rather big! It took up a whole dinner plate! And it broke into bits when I cut a bit for my sister... Lots of calories though...

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