Burberry Curly Wurly
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Now, any good snack pimper will know there has been a lot of chat on the site about doing a Curly Wurly. There has also been some debate about whether we should just be supersizing our snacks. So far we've seen some of each. I say lets do both. In the true nature of pimping, I give you snack meets bling meets CHAV...!

For the Burberry Curly Wurly you will need:

2 bags of werthers chewy
6 caramacs
3 tubes of coloured icing
A steady hand

Step One:

Chuck the werthers in a microwave proof container. Get meltin'

Step Two:

Mark out a Curly Wurly shaped rectangle on some baking parchment. For sticklers for detail, this baby is twice the width and twice the length. Pour a melted toffee outline around the edges of the rectangle.

Step Three:

Pour a zig zag right up the middle. Fridge it.

Step 4:

Melt down the Caramac. Thats right, Caramac. (Well, plain old chocolate just doesn't give you that authentic burberry colour) This is not as easy as it sounds as Caramac is actually the hardest substance known to man. It will resist. You must persist. I did. I also mellted the rubber off the bottom of the bowl onto the microwave plate. Yum! Fortunately the contents were unscathed.

Pour the defeated Caramac over the toffee zig zag. Fridge it again!

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