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7 – Back to the task at hand….. Regular visitors to this wondrous site will be fully aware of toffee melting procedures; we can improve upon previous instructions by showing the stretching of the mixture that occurred. But just for technical purposes, the toffees were blasted in the microwave for 10 second spurts.

8 - The toffee was split into thirds, two of which were mashed together to make the topping, the bottom was rolled (for what seemed like hours..) – we’d like to recommend that as the toffee solidifies pretty fast – that the pieces of toffee be transferred upon greaseproof paper to the microwave – for at most 8 seconds on full power – in order to keep it malleable. All rolling of the toffee must take place on greaseproof paper, unless you actually want to spend time cleaning a messy work surface – thought not! A technique that came in handy for rolling the top layer was to physically stretch the layer by hand – but careful – don’t make cracks, ruin it and then waste time re-melting!

9 – The microwave was used to melt down the boost cores, unfortunately I put them in for too long and we were left with a bowl of liquid powdery sugar, whose chocolate depths were plundered by much finger probing and licking! – so in the freezer it went – we took this opportunity to soak up some sunshine in the garden ?

10 – After spooning the molten cores onto the base and moulding it smooth (ish) the top layer was wrapped on, as we rolled the toffee quite thinly we had a lot left over which was cut off and stored for a toffee loving housemate. The edges were rounded by sheer brute force and a pair of scissors used to cut the edges – probably a good idea not to use flimsy ones I might add..

10 – The bar – with its sealed and neat toffee layer went into the fridge for about 30 minutes, again this was another opportunity to soak up some more sun!

11 – Here is a gratuitous melted chocolate shot, it was stuck into the microwave for bursts of 10 seconds, hmmmmm – fingers were burnt slightly and stomachs were clutched.

12 – The chocolate (or what remained of it after the continual snaffling) – was slathered upon the (now) chilled toffee layer. The bar was carefully manoeuvred and laid upon a bed of crisp greaseproof paper in the fridge

13 – The next day, the monstrous but delicate looking boost (well I’m a laydee!) was sliced in half for the cross section shot – unfortunately we didn’t think to get another normal boost for a comparison shot – but heck the thing was 39 cm long and 4-5 cm wide and a bit higher than its width! Put it this way, it’s a perfect mouth sized treat, serving suggestion – a small piece after it’s been left to soften for a bit. Or you could just bite a mouthful off but then be prepared for waves of sickness and overwhelming chocolate induced guilt… Guilt compounded by the calorie count, conservatively estimated to be at least 7000..

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