13kg Wagon Wheel
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Take a whole jar of jam and melt it to a molten liquid mass and spread it over your marshmallow. note: do not be tempted to try eating the molten jam - it burns!

Melt the rest of your marshmallows and cover the jam. Leave to set and in the mean time melt the remaining half tub of butter and mix with your remaining crushed biscuits.

Add your second biscuit layer.

Melt up the remaining 6kg of chocolate and pour around the sides and over the top. The top is deliberately messy as real wagon wheels have an equally amateur looking finish! Add extra chocolate to get an even top if neccessary but 6kg should do it.

After leaving this monster to set for a long long time it should be safe to remove the mould! My wagon wheel is 2 tone as the local shop ran out milk chocolate (cant think why!! haha)

Admire your handiwork and take a picture of yourself with your monster biscuit to serve as an eternal memory of the day you held something so extraordinary!

A quick weigh in on the bathroom scales reveals a 13kg final weight! That's over 200 times bigger than your standard store bought wagon wheel! And price per kilo it's a lot cheaper too - you'd actually be foolish not to make one!!

Slap together a quick wrapper from wrapping paper and add a mega sized wagon wheel logo for good measure! Congratulations, now have yourself a beer for a job well done!

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