Godly Bobbly
by Sonia Davidson for £12.00

22nd March 2009

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We decided to tackle a very difficult pimp and choose the nobbly bobbly, it took a long long long long long time to finish this pimp as it involved alot of freezing!

We used

2 pots of strawberry yoguart
1 tub of soft scoop chocolate ice cream
2 tubs of hundreds and thousands
4 bars of chocolate
4 cake tins
2 wooden spatulas for the handle

This cost aprox. £12 a bit costly but worth it.

Firstly we scooped out the ice cream into the smaller tins and spread evenly, put the ice cream in the freezer for 2 days

We then banged out the chocolate squares and placed them in the centre of the bigger baking trays then covered them in strawberry yogurt, then back in the freezer for a week.

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