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1. Being two overexcited girls, we decided our creation had to be a rather large rather pink mouse. Humbled and inspired by some of the phenomenal pimps present, the least we could do was make the sugary mix from scratch. And so began the concoction of gelatineydisgustingness. Dissolve HOWEVER MUCH POWDER with SOMETHING ELSE I HAVE NO IDEA HOW WE DID THIS over a pan of boiling water. As may be apparent in the photos, we roped in a nearby male as the smell was disgusting.

2. Whilst gelatine is doing its own disgusting thing, icing sugar must be sieved to ensure beautiful smooth consistency and eradication of lumps. We decided that doing this in the garden might be wise, it turns out this was possibly the best idea either of us have ever had as the aftermath was pretty spectacular.

3. Attempt to lift the phenomenally heavy bag of icing sugar.

4. On failing miserably, LSNM (long suffering nearby male) was once again roped in. for this much icing a spectacular 12 cups of icing sugar are required. This process is rather long, slightly boring, and we have a vague suspicion that inhalation of icing sugar is not actually very good for ones health.

5. At this point we thought we would be clever and add just half the gelatine to half the icing sugar. Turned out we had peaked on the great idea front because by the time we came to the second batch the gelatine was almost solidified in the bowl, making it much harder to work in. so we would recommend finding a bath or something and attempting the whole lot in one go. Add the gelatine bit by bit to the mountains of icing sugar, stirring, then kneading as you go.

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